Career Advice + Resume Review

It’s my goal to give back to job seekers. For the low cost of $199 we will arm you with as much leverage as possible to help you win your job search and land your next role.

Supporting You to Land your Dream Job

A job search can be brutal, time consuming, and draining the more it drags on. There’s so much information out there, some of it right, some of it wrong, and a lot of it contradicts each other.

Our Resume and LinkedIn
Review Process

On top of a personal resume/LinkedIn Audit from me, we will have a live, 60 minute consultation about your career, job search, or anything else you’d like to talk about.

Step 1: Engagement

Share your Resume/LinkedIn profile and your desired Web3 career path/role when you book your initial consultation call with us so we’re aligned on exactly what roles you are looking for.

Career and Resume Review

Step 2: Career Advice + Resume Review

We’ll spend one hour reviewing your desired Web3 career path or role and identify steps that you can take to land your dream job. Following our first session we will revamp your Resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight your experience and improve your chances of landing your desired role.

Career and Resume Review

Step 3: Talent Attraction

We’ll advise you on the best methods to apply for the dream role/company.

Career and Resume Review

Step 4: Showcase

We’ll help you showcase your skills and experience on LinkedIn and social media platforms to help you stand out among the competition and have employers reaching out to you.

Career and Resume Review

Step 5: Interview Process

We’ll give you tips and advice on how to prepare for the interview process and how to display your ability to ace the job.

Career and Resume Review

Step 6: Get Hired

When you’ve landed the job we like to keep in touch to hear about your progress.

What Our Clients Say

Career Advice and Resume Review FAQS

How much does this service cost?

The Resume and LinkedIn review costs $199 and includes a 60 minute live consultation to discuss your career aims, along with a revamped Resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight your skills and experience.

Who is this service for?

The Resume and LinkedIn process is for anyone who is looking to change jobs or take a completely new career path. We have years of experience hiring candidates in non-tech, tech and executive roles, giving us a great insight into what hiring mangers look for and what makes great candidates stand out.

What is the process?

Sessions are split into 2, with the first session identifying your career aims and the second session presenting your revamped Resume and LinkedIn profile along with advice on how to best apply for jobs and how to ace the interview process.

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