Retained Recruitment

Find the perfect candidate to fill your permanent vacancy and embark on your long-term vision with you.

Retained Recruitment, Done Right

If you’re looking for someone who’s in it for the long haul, you need to be confident it’s worth your time. Talent Level Up is a permanent recruitment agency with a difference — one that takes the time to ensure business and candidate are a perfect match that lasts.

Our Retained Recruitment

We specialise in finding the best Talent Acquisition, Human Resources or Operations specialists to help you grow and manage your team members. 

Step 1: Engagement

Share the role details, requirements and information on what character attributes you are looking for with us so we’re aligned on exactly who and what you need.

Retained Recruitment

Step 2: Market Mapping

We’ll survey the talent pool, including our constantly growing network of talent, and provide our expert view on how it measures up to your requirements.

Retained Recruitment

Step 3: Talent Attraction

We’ll get to work finding the best talent from across our existing networks (and beyond), engaging with candidates that fit the bill.
Retained Recruitment

Step 4: Showcase

We’ll present back a shortlist of potential candidates to narrow down the search, backed by our extensive research and insights.

Retained Recruitment

Step 5: Interviews

First stage interviews with your chosen candidates to better understand their skills, experience and cultural fit. (We’ll do this bit for you!). Leading contenders will then progress through your process.

Retained Recruitment

Step 6: Hiring

When you’ve found a candidate you’re delighted with, we’ll take care of the offer negotiation process. From salary expectations and total compensation through to final offer we can handle it all.

Retained Recruitment

Step 7: Aftercare

Our service comes with a personal touch, so we’ll always keep your candidate in the loop and check on how everything’s going — even after the offer and start date!

What Our Clients Say

Retained Recruitment FAQS

What is retained recruitment?

Retained search is the process of ‘headhunting’ a candidate to fill a high-level recruitment or operations position within a business.

How does retained recruitment work?

Retained search is sometimes referred to as ‘headhunting’. This is because it involves a research-led approach to identifying potential candidates, and then approaching them to fill a role. The process includes defining the role requirements and desired skills with the business, before the recruitment firm conducts research, identifies targets, and presents a shortlist to the hiring company. The headhunters can then take on the role of approaching the targets, taking over the first interview stage and discussing salary expectations.

Why do companies use the retained search service?

One of the main reasons companies use an retained search recruitment service is that it saves time. Because the process can often be lengthy, handing over parts of the process to a recruiter enables the hiring managers to focus on their day job. Recruitment specialists also have access to their own network of candidates, as well as specialised research and negotiation skills which can help them to find and place the right candidates.

How long do retained searches take?

Typically, a retained search can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, although sometimes this can be longer, particularly for a highly specialised role or a executive position. We aim to fill any roles with 4 weeks of commencing our search process.

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