Partner Recruitment

Save time and money. Find the right people with less effort. Make your recruitment process more efficient.

Internal Recruitment, Done Right

It’s your job to deliver successful projects. It’s not your job to spend days of your life sifting through CVs and interviewing candidates who just aren’t a good fit for your role.

We do all the hard stuff for you. On average, our clients save 20 hours in each hiring process, and go from role qualification to offer acceptance in just two weeks.

Our Partner Recruitment

Our Partner Recruitment is a high touch service that we’ve developed to make recruitment easier for people like you. Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Discovery

We find out everything about your business and the skills and experience you need for each hire. We’ll work with you to setup the most efficient hiring processes to streamline your recruitment.

Inhouse Partner Recruitment

Step 2: Market Mapping

We’ll map out your hiring plans for the short and long term future. We then survey the required talent pool, including our constantly growing network of talent, and provide our expert view on how it measures up to your requirements.

Inhouse Partner Recruitment

Step 3: Sourcing

We’ll get to work finding the best talent from across our existing networks (and beyond), engaging with candidates that fit the bill.
Inhouse Partner Recruitment

Step 4: Recruiter Interview

We’ll present back a shortlist of potential candidates to narrow down the search, backed by our extensive research and insights.

Inhouse Partner Recruitment

Step 5: Interviews

First stage interviews with your chosen candidates to better understand their skills, experience and cultural fit. (We’ll do this bit for you!). Leading contenders will then progress through your process.

Inhouse Partner Recruitment

Step 6: Hiring

When you’ve found a candidate you’re delighted with, we’ll take care of the offer negotiation process. From salary expectations and total compensation through to final offer we can handle it all.

Inhouse Partner Recruitment

Step 7: Build your dream team

We continue the process until you have built out your desired team of superstars. Our service has a 30-day notice period so once you have hit your hiring requirements, we commence a full handover in the last month. This allows you to manage your hiring process just as efficiently moving forward.

What Our Clients Say

Partner Recruitment FAQS

What is partner recruitment?

When you need to hire and build your team quickly, this is the best option. You pay us a monthly fee to keep our recruiters on your team full-time, onsite, or remotely. We create job descriptions, work as an internal recruitment team with founders or your Human resources department, and represent your brand to hire the best talent on the market.

What’s the difference between retained and partner recruitment?

We work interally with your team across multiple roles, setting up your recruitment process from scratch or utilising our expertise to build on your existing process. Our aim is to streamline the hiring process to make it as efficient as possible whilst also delivering candidates who are the best in their field.

What are the benefits of the partner recruitment package?

The immediately benefit is our ability to get working instantly without you having to hire internally or use multiple recruitment agencies. There is also a huge cost saving efficiency in using this service over paying fees to recruitment agencies per hire.

How do we get started?

Book a call below with our team to discuss your hiring needs. We can often get started the next day!

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